North Carolina Leather Contest


Serving the community as an ambassador of the Leather / BDSM / Fetish community in North Carolina throughout the year!


The North Carolina Leather Contest takes place May 3, 2020, during the Charlotte Tradesmen’s Leather Run – TradeMark 34.  This year's run takes place May 1 - May 3, 2020, in Charlotte, NC.

The NCLC title is a community service title.  The winner will be expected to teach, volunteer, raise money, or help serve the community in the way he or she feels most comfortable.

The North Carolina Leather Contest title is not about a particular "look," dress, body type, gender or sexual orientation. Contestants are not required to have a formal "platform."


Email for more information!


Just want to attend and observe?
Sign up for the NCLC or TradeMark at or see a Charlotte Tradesman for an application


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