North Carolina Leather Contest

Call for Contestants for the North Carolina Leather Contest at TradeMark XXX

Serving the community as an ambassador of the Leather/BDSM/Fetish community in North Carolina throughout the year!

The North Carolina Leather Contest takes place May 6,2017, during the Charlotte Tradesmen’s Leather Run – TradeMark 31.  This year's run takes place May 5 - May 7, 2017, in Charlotte, NC.

To qualify, contestants must reside within North Carolina and be 21 years old.

The NCLC title is a community service title.  The winner will be expected to teach, volunteer, raise money, or help serve the community in the way he or she feels most comfortable.

The North Carolina Leather Contest title is not about a particular "look," dress, body type, gender or sexual orientation. Contestants are not required to have a formal "platform." However, questions from the judges regarding any specific plans or goals the contestants might have should they win the title are appropriate.

The titleholder will be required to attend 10 events in their title year.

The North Carolina Leather Contest is a feeder for Southeast Leatherfest held in Atlanta during June.

Winner of the NCLC contest will be expected to enter the contest at SouthEast Leather Fest the following year.

Contestants are Judged in Four Areas:

1) an interview with the judging panel
2) a two-minute speech given to a live audience
3) a three minute on-stage fantasy
4) answers to randomly selected questions given to each contestant on stage during the contest

Contestants are required to bring a minimum of 10 items to be auctioned for the NCLC travel fund.  Items such as leather pants, corsets, boots, liquor, etc. are recommended.

A minimum of 75% of the possible points available are required to win, regardless of the number of contestants competing.

There are five judges. The "Olympic" scoring system is used.

In addition to promoting Leather / BDSM / Fetish lifestyle and representing North Carolina at SouthEast Leatherfest, the winner is expected to promote the North Carolina Leather Contest.

Contestant spots are limited so send in your application ASAP if you are planning to compete in the North Carolina Leather Contest!

Email for more information!

Download the NCLC Contestant App by clicking HERE.