North Carolina Leather Contest


Miss Bettie - Head Judge

Miss Bettie is a queer, polyamorous switch originally from North Carolina but currently living in Jacksonville, FL. She's an educator, a brat, a mentor, a leather woman, and a damn good sensation Top!

Miss Bettie started her journey in 2004 in Wilmington, NC, with WINK. In 2007, 10 years ago now, Bettie became Ms. North Carolina Leather. The next year she won the title of Ms. Southeast LeatherFest and continued to represent both NC and the southeast with dignity, grace, and grit.

In the years since her title years, Miss Bettie has been on the board and staff for Southeast LeatherFest, The Society of Jacksonville, NC, the North Carolina Leather Contest, and heavily involved in the community nationally. Now that she's in Florida, Bettie is making friends at ALE in Jacksonville.

Bettie is incredibly excited and honored to be here at her home event a decade after her first appearance on the stage. Thank you, North Carolina, for shaping me into the woman I am today!

NCMaster is a lifestyle Dominant Leather Man. He has been active in the community for over 30 years. His home group is Capex in Charlotte NC. He has been active in many other groups across both Carolinas and has served four terms on the Capex Board of directors. He traces his lifestyle roots back to the Sanctuary of a Dark Angel in Atlanta and has had much influence from old school Leather Men. He has often given presentations throughout the SouthEast. He has a very active leather family and believes strongly in community service. He is an active associate member of the Charlotte Tradesmen and the TarHeel Leather Club. He is currently serving as Vice Chairman on the Board of Directors for the Leather Leadership Conference which serves the Leather Community by offering Leadership training to existing and future leaders so that the community will continue to meet the needs of Leather men and women.

Sonya’s just a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural California girl living in the Dirty South. She comes from the leather bar end of the community and swims in the “woo” pool with Kool-Aid, hooks, sage and all. She considers leather family and tribe to be the cornerstone of her community involvement. To her, Leather means you take care of your own. You can’t choose your relatives, but you can certainly choose who you call family, and she is blessed to have a family full of beautiful, powerful, and spiritual people in her life who inspire her to be the best damn leather girl and leather woman that she can possibly be. While personal service isn’t Sonya's passion (she does it for her Owner person and for him alone), she shines best when performing behind the scenes community service, especially when it involves putting her administrative and paralegal skills to work.

She is on hiatus from most of her extracurricular activities due to health reasons, but her past adventures include co-producing Submissive Journey Weekend (SJW, Gatlinburg, TN), Twisted Toyland (now “Twisted”, Atlanta, GA), and Southern Sole (a bootblack weekend, Augusta, GA). Her past affiliations and groups include NLA-Atlanta and the MAsT-Atlanta and Athens chapters. She’s currently an associate and honorary member of Panther L/L (Atlanta), an annual volunteer at Southwest Leather Conference (SWLC, Phoenix, AZ), and is also known as Mama’s Calming Force.

She met her owner, John (aka, Mama’s Curmudgeon), in 2008, shortly after moving to Atlanta, and he hasn’t let her go since.

Pup Emrys
Pup Emrys is an Irish wolfhound who often passes for human. Now and forever the loving pet of Shdwkitten, Emrys first became active in the lifestyle in 2002 (after a few years of serious, fetish club S&M – Stand & Model). He’s identified as a puppy since 2005, making him one of the old dogs of the community. Pup Emrys has been an active volunteer at CAPEX for over a decade and served on its Board of Directors four times. In addition to CAPEX, he’s also an assistant director at Atlanta Dominion and, in 2015, helped start NC-PAH to work towards growing the NC pup community. Emrys’ other interests include art, mythology, Leonard Cohen, and all things Scottish.

I have been active in the local BDSM community since about 2003. Joined my home group CAPEX in 2006. I started going to more regional events in 2008 mostly the southeast. I identify as a Leather Dominant. Though ive been leather for many years before I found the BDSM community.

I have been with my wife Chell 25 years now. She is a slave,but not my slave. I have owned my Maggie for 7 years now. These 2 strong women help make me who I am…..and put up with me.

I have been the social director and head DM for CAPEX since 2010 and support this group 100%. I also like to teach classes in the community.

I have been lucky enough to be involved with my home family and to also have many different circles of friends.


Tally Masters