North Carolina Leather Contest


Though the Contest has new leadership and a new name, the goals will remain the same: to offer an opportunity for a North Carolina Leather Man/Woman/boy/girl to work towards building understanding, support, and unity within the North Carolina Leather community through community service, outreach, and education.

The Mr./Ms. North Carolina Leather title is a community service-based title. The titleholder will be expected get to know our community, identify potential needs, and set goals for helping to fulfill those needs throughout his/her title year. They are also, of course, highly encouraged to have fun. Beginning in 2008, the NC Leather titleholder will be required to compete at a regional event, SouthEast LeatherFest.

The Mr./Ms. North Carolina Leather title holder will have a lot of flexibility to make his/her title year one that will benefit the North Carolina community and will be encouraged to be creative and highly visible. The title holder will have the support from the North Carolina Leather Contest leadership as well as past titleholders throughout his/her title year.

The new owner and producer(s) of the North Carolina Leather Contest are looking forward to creating more history with the North Carolina Leather community.